Biomass Briquettes are excellent fuel and have many benefits which are listed below

  • Biomass Briquettes never cause any fuel shortage issue. Since they are man-made and are generated from bio-mass that is also available in abundance, they can be regenerated as much as needed.
  • They are cheap. There is never a fuel price hike problem related to briquettes.
  • This bio-fuel is low-smoke causing fuel. It does not release any harmful, toxic elements.
  • This fuel has good thermal calorific value and serves as a very resourceful fuel.
  • Unlike several solid conventional fuels like coal, this fuel offers perfectly consistent combustion, and is very reliable.
  • This fuel is very safe, for household or industrial usage or storage.
  • Since this fuel generation process involves drying process, there is no issue of fuel igniting problem that is generally caused by high moisture content in the fuel.
  • No ash-fly is eliminated, during the combustion of this fuel.
  • The size and shape of briquettes facilitate their storage, transportation as well usage.
  • The ash content produced by this fuel is very minimal
  • This fuel is a good solution to the disposal of bio-wastages that are either burnt in-efficiently or uselessly dumped.
  • This is a non-volatile fuel hence there is no loss while handling, and is absolutely safe.
  • This is a very eco-friendly fuel
  • Usage of this fuel enables prevention of deforestation