Briquetting plants are today the most vital requirement of almost every country of the world. Briquettes being very efficient & high calorific value fuel generating minimal pollutant are widely used in domestic, commercial as well as industrial fuel applications. Consequently the business of generating briquetting plant is booming along with it. Several nations are looking for high quality briquetting machines that can perform efficiently & offering flawless output. We at Jay Khodiyar machine tools fulfil the world wide briquetting machine requirements by offering best briquetting plants with outstanding features. Our machines are admired in all the nations across the globe due to their reliable functioning and competitive rates.

Countries like Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Spain, Italy, Brunei, Algeria, and Tanzania regularly and repetitively import our machines.

Saudi Arabia - 90%
Sri Lanka - 85%
Algeria - 83%
Brunei - 79%
Nepal - 69%
Italy - 68%
Bangladesh - 59%
Australia - 53%
Uruguay - 50%
Nicaragua - 39%
Tanzania - 29%
Briquetting Plant Map