Briquetting Biomass to generate briquettes is a very environment friendly procedure. This is because the entire process is Briquetting Plant Manufacturer based on mechanical utility without usage of any toxic chemicals. The entire process also does not emit any noxious elements or cause any pollution.

Briquetting process generally incorporates the following steps

  • Examination the possibility of briquetting of the raw-material, by checking the chemical content of the same is carried out. Sometimes this kind of tests leads to finding out the necessity of mixing other types of bio-waste with the primary one.
  • Next, the moisture content present in the bio-waste is checked, if it exceeds 15% then the drying procedure is carried out either under sun or with the help of a dryer machine.
  • Then the material is either chopped or powdered as per the feed requirements of the briquetting plants.
  • Then the ready material is fed into the briquetting plant, for carrying out the briquetting operation, where they are compressed under high temperature and pressure. This leads to liquefying of the lignin naturally present in the bio-waste, which acts as a natural adhesive or binding agent. Hence this process is identified as binder-less technology.
  • The entire process leads to forming of solid, compact fuel that has good thermal calorific value.
  • Once the fuel is ready it is allowed to cool down and is stored in dry place or is transported.