What is Biomass Fuel Briquette?

Biomass fuel briquettes are produced from bio-wastages such as agricultural wastes or forestry wastes. These are excellent fuel as they high in thermal calorific value and combust consistently. Also they do not emit any smoke or pollutants while combusting them. This kind of Biomass fuel briquette is very economical and can be generated as much as needed via briquetting process, hence never poses any scarcity problems. The most excellent trait of this fuel is that it can be easily degraded without causing any land, water or air pollution. Due to all these factors they can be used as a good substitute of fossil fuels. Hence, they are widely used in the domestic, commercial as well as industrial thermal applications.

  • inexpensive
  • abundant availability
  • money-spinning
  • not detrimental to the environment as well as the living beings
  • does not  discharge any injurious gas or toxins
  • Excellent thermal calorific value
  • Ash-fly is not caused on combustion
  • compacted and miniature in size, consequently is trouble-free to store, transport or use
  • offers consistent combustion